Product Testimonials

“MOA is the best gun lube I’ve ever used. I’ll never use anything else ever again.”
Jesse Phillips, Military Firearms Instructor

“I’ve been using MOA Oil, Grease and Solvent since August of 2014… applied it just days before my first state IDPA match. My M&P9 ran like a clock that day and every day since. Not a single hiccup. The slide feels like it’s rolling on ball bearings and it even made it easier for my wife to cycle! And I love the clean up benefits too, especially on my AR. Couple of paper towels and a few swabs, all the carbon just falls off the bolt carrier group, even after a few hundred rounds. I’ve tried all the “classic” lubes and some of the “latest and greatest” out there. Hands down, I’m a Molecular Advantage user from here on out.”
Jim Clarke, Structural Performance Technician

“MOA is a great product that lasts! After one application and initial use, my AR-10 ran smoother and stayed cleaner. The carbon stayed in the oil and wiped right off during cleaning. I’m sticking with this stuff!!!”
Alex Murillo, Military Munitions Specialist

“! You guys nailed it! This is the best gun lube I have ever used. I’ve used MOA in my ARs, pistols, modern rifles and even in my black powder rifles and have been so impressed that I will never use another lube. I now have the capability to shoot 2X the rounds without having to stop for a cleaning and without sacrificing accuracy. ”
Greg Martinez, US Air Force

“I immediately noticed a smoother cycling action in my 1911, the more impressive part was that even after continued use and substantial amount of rounds, there was no loss of performance! With my Remington 700, bolt action after about 25-30 rounds I would start having a feeding issue, after using MOA I did not experience one feeding issue and I fired almost 75 rounds. The bolt remained smooth in its cycle. When it came time to clean, a majority of the powder residue simply wiped away with a rag or using a bore snake. The capabilities and performance of MOA were beyond expectation and very impressive!”
Dan Arsenault, Former Federal Agent

“After using Molecular Advantage, it is the smoothest that my fire arms have ever cycled. This is a high quality product that I highly recommend. ”
Jason Taylor, Ten Year Law Enforcement Officer and Advanced Weapons Specialist

“I’ve been shooting guns for 32 years and have always used the standard popular lube brands. I tried MOA , reluctantly due to cost but after using it, I found it actually lasted longer and my guns ran smoother. After 300 rounds my Sig 9mm was running like a sewing machine. I was impressed. There’s no smell, no residue, less build up all around and my guns cleaned up really easy. MOA is much better than anything I’ve ever used.”
Joe Stetz, Law Enforcement Officer for 22 Years, CQB instructor.

“I’ve worked extensively with ARs, AKs and 1911s. I heard about MOA and the great properties it has and was given a sample to try. The two biggest benefits I found, right away, were 1) ease of cleaning – carbon build up simply wipes away even after a full day of shooting; and 2) it’s a great lubricant during firing. I noticed a difference in the function of my firearm. MOA made the action run smoother than the other gun lubricants I have tried. I only use MOA now and I’ve recommended it to friends. No way would I use anything else in my firearms!”
Theron Moses, Machinist, Firearms Parts and Accessories Retailer

< “I tried MOA Oil and Grease at an R&D shoot and I never looked back. Since I switched to MOA, I can focus on shooting, not thinking about whether or not my lube is performing. I use MOA Grease on my hammer spring because I like the long term solution it offers. I use the Oil on my bolt face, because I don’t want it to hold onto any sticks or debris it might encounter. When you go with MOA Oil and Grease you never have to compromise your weapon. Since I switched to MOA, my guns run smoother and longer, cleaning is easier and faster and is needed much less frequently. I recommend MOA products to my friends.”
Drew A., Firearms Product Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Certified Armorer M4/M16