Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Molecular Advantage more expensive than other gun lubricants?

  • Unlike lubricants that originate from inexpensive ground oil, Molecular Advantage (MOA) is manufactured in a lab using an advanced chemical process.  One of the key ingredients is very rare and expensive.

How is MOA different from other gun lubricants?

  • MOA doesn't burn, smell, or break down and change chemical composition under the elevated temperature and stress caused by firing your weapon.  Some other gun lubricants don’t smell, and some don’t ignite, but they all change into something other than a lubricant when under thermal and mechanical stress; MOA does not.

When and where should I use MOA Oil?

  • Use Molecular Advantage Oil on all inner workings of your weapon system.  MOA Oil gets into the pores of all surfaces within your gun and enhances the material.  It smoothes out any irregularities in the surfaces by filling the crevices and protects them from incoming debris.

When and where should I use MOA Grease?

  • Use Molecular Advantage Grease in areas where you see that the metal is shiny or the surface has worn down a little.  If you prefer smoother grease just add a little MOA Oil to the MOA Grease until you’re satisfied with its consistency.

Should I use MOA Oil or Grease for my bore?

  • Use Molecular Advantage Oil in your bore.  MOA Oil benefits your bore by pushing out old debris and creating an extremely smooth lubricant layer.

Does MOA have any additives?

  • No. MOA was developed as a lubricant specifically for your weapon system. If it needed additives, we wouldn't have done our job right.  Other lubricants use additives to provide anti-wear, anti-friction, extreme pressure, and anti-oxidation/rust inhibiting properties to their product.  We developed Molecular Advantage Oil and Grease to be so robust and durable as to withstand real world firing conditions without diluting it with additives.  We also tweaked the molecular chain so that MOA would resist moisture, thereby avoiding the need to add an anti-oxidant/rust inhibitor.

Is MOA Oil safe to use on all materials that guns are constructed with?

  • Yes.  MOA Oil is inert and won’t react with anything.  It was designed to lubricate by pushing into the pores of a material, forcing debris and contaminates out, then forming its own lubricant layer.  It won’t damage any part of your gun, it will only clean and strengthen it.