World's Best
FireArm Lubricant

MOA doesn't burn, smell, or break down and change chemical composition under the elevated temperature and stress caused by firing your weapon.

When it comes to maintaining your weapon,

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Doesn't Freeze

What Makes Us The Best?

Molecular Advantage Oil and Grease are from a background in high-tech product development and appreciation for fine mechanical systems. Like guns.

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MOA Master Kit


MOA Advanced Synthetic Gun Oil 10 cc syringe
MOA Advanced Synthetic Gun Grease 3 cc syringe
MOA Solvent 1 fl oz spray bottle
MOA Conditioning Oil 2 fl oz spray bottle
2 Conical Tips...

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"MOA is a great product that lasts! After one application and initial use, my AR-10 ran smoother and stayed cleaner. The carbon stayed in the oil and wiped right off during cleaning. I’m sticking with this stuff!!!"

Alex MurilloMilitary Munitions Specialist

"! You guys nailed it! This is the best gun lube I have ever used. I’ve used MOA in my ARs, pistols, modern rifles and even in my black powder rifles and have been so impressed that I will never use another lube. I now have the capability to shoot 2X the rounds without having to stop for a cleaning and without sacrificing accuracy."

Greg Martinez US Air Force

"After using Molecular Advantage, it is the smoothest that my fire arms have ever cycled. This is a high quality product that I highly recommend."

Jason Taylor Ten Year Law Enforcement Officer and Advanced Weapons Specialist

'MOA is the best gun lube I’ve ever used. I’ll never use anything else ever again."

Jesse PhillipsMilitary Firearms Instructor

"I immediately noticed a smoother cycling action in my 1911, the more impressive part was that even after continued use and substantial amount of rounds, there was no loss of performance!"

Dan ArsenaultFormer Federal Agent